Kathy Conway | About

Kathy Conway is primarily a self-taught photographer originally from Chicago, San Francisco and currently North Haven, Connecticut. She attended Paier Art School studying oil painting in a representational style. Her creative expression is now focused on fine art photography, inspired by her travels and love of nature as well as her experience as a lawyer concentrating in environmental and land use law. Her ability to capture the dignity, beauty and ever-changing moods of people and wildlife in their environment has evoked a sense of place that engages her viewers in an intimate way. Inspired by form, lighting and texture, her landscapes, both natural and man-made, challenges the viewer to enter her domain. Recently she is concentrating on street photography and structures in black and white.

In her environmental law practice, she is frequently engaged in the redevelopment of old foundries, manufacturing sites and well-worn strip malls that are so prevalent in New England. In this series, she sets out to focus on what is still beautiful in texture and form, not the decay. Light dancing on cracked window edges or filtering in through openings and the remnants of working environments offer glimpses into what was and the possibility of what can be, capturing the best of our aging urban and rural heritage. Her work is in many private and public collections.

“Art is about story telling – capturing and conveying the essence of a moment in time and evoking memories of people and places. I am interested in focusing on the timeless spaces where we retreat – the beaches, deserts and forests – evoking a sense of peace in life’s clutter.

In my series of street scenes, I look for abstractions and reflections, details within the whole. In the textural ruins of old buildings, I see the history of lives and events amid future possibilities. Seeing in black and white opens up a whole new vista of simplicity and the unexpected. If I can communicate this vision, I have succeeded in my goal of touching others through artistic expression.”